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Our Quantum AI trading platform is driven by AI and quantum computing. These technologies allow us to study big data and generate highly accurate signals. Quantum AI has a win rate of up to 90%. This ranks it among the best robots in all trading categories.

Let’s make it simple.

QuantumAI works like a team of hundreds of cities. We have millions of automated citizens in each city that go in to stock markets, they spend 12 hours a day gathering information. In the evening, these ‘cities’ come together to exchange and compare what they gathered. Then what we call ‘kings of the cities’ analyze all information and try to find mistakes in the stock market; by finding a mistake, we can predict the stock trends. Once we have a certain trending topic related to a big company, we analyze if the trend is positive or negative.

If the trend is positive, we bet on the stock to rise, if the trend is negative – we bet on the stock to fall. It’s that simple.

Our Experience and Successful Quantum Computing & A.I Business Model will Make your Capital a Source of Real Passive Income.





We are available in most countries in Europe and Asia. You can also access our platform from Australia, some parts of Africa and the Middle East. We are currently not supporting clients from the US due to regulatory challenges.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often does QuantumAI make a mistake?

    Quantum computing is very different to everyday PCs. If a normal computer has one or two CPUs(processor), then Quantum AI consists of millions of CPUs. If a mistake is made, the CPUs analyze the outcome and “VOTE” which decision is the mistake and which is the real deal. We are still in the Beta stage of our quantum computer and software, but it’s already showing over 91% successful trades. This means that out of 100 trades Quantum AI makes automatically, around 91 will be profitable.

    Has any user actually lost his investment?

    No, we have never had a user who has lost more than he put in. Even in the worst cases we have had always been profitable in the end.

    How much money can a regular user of QuantumAI make?

    It depends a lot on the money they invest. Let’s take the regular user who starts with 500$ and uses 20$ per trade. Over 24 hours, the software will make around 20 trades based on information gathered by Quantum AI. Around 18 of the trades will be profitable, 2 will not. This means the user will earn approximately 75$ (12%) within 24 hours. Brokerage fees and other commissions sum up to 3%, there are no hidden/extra commissions.

    What improvements are you working on right now?

    There are many we’re currently working on, but we decided not to share them yet. Stay tuned though – it’s going to get even better than it already is now!

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