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To provide investment and financial planning while adhering to a strict fee-for-service model in which the client can meet their financial needs. To deliver superior customer service guided by the principles of caring and delivering excellence. ... To invest prudently based on the clients' objectives.

It is our desire to give our clients an amazing experience of service, value and encouragement to empower them to pursue their goals for themselves, their family, and their community.

Financial Services provides excellence in client service and compliance through our unwavering commitment to our staff, our understanding of university operations, and a continued focus on process improvement.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Professional Excellence and Stewardship
We value innovative, timely, efficient, solution-oriented, and cost-effective services and systems. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We provide leadership to the community in delivering proactive financial solutions and services that encompass sound financial controls and the effective and efficient use of University resources.

USD Profit

Meet Our Team

We value the contribution our employees make in achieving our mission and we support and encourage teamwork and personal development to ensure a high level of competence, expertise, and satisfaction.

Lila Watkins

Lila Watkins


Rostrum is fairly 24/7 for me, but I also spend time cooking at home.

Larry Weaver

Larry Weaver

Risk Management

During my 15 year career in PR, I have created and led campaigns multiple sectors.

Dan Boone

Dan Boone


When I’m not at work, I’m usually busy with my four young children.

Leah Parks

Leah Parks

Marketing Expert

I’ve also worked closely with the PRCA to implement its Consultancy Management.

Lois James

Lois James

Team Leader

I love the fast pace and creativity of my job, as well as the interesting insights.

Lindsay Bradley

Lindsay Bradley

HR Manager

In my spare time I enjoy dancing and learning new languages.  

Our History

In July 2012, and in the wake of the 2008/2009 financial crisis, the House of Commons and the House of Lords set up a Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards to report on professional standards and culture in the UK banking sector. The Commission reported in June 2013 and recommended the creation of a ‘professional body for banking in the UK’ 


In November 2013 the chairs of the UK seven largest banks and building societies asked Sir Richard Lambert to undertake a consultation on developing such a body. Sir Richard published his review in May 2014, saying that ‘there is a strong case for a collective effort to raise standards of behaviour and competence in the banking sector, and that the best way to deliver this is by setting up a new and independent body to drive the process forward’.


Looking for Consulting?

Professional Consulting

With deep experience across every sector of financial services, our consultants work side-by-side.

Valuable Ideas

To put value creation by financial services firms in perspective, consider one measure.

Excellent Timing

We deliver our service 24/7 with almost instant replies and customer service

Budget Friendly

You don't have to rob your bank in order to get our services, our services is affordable 

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